What should you do if your child has a night terror?

Unless the child is unsafe the best thing to do is to be as calm as possible with them. Night terrors can be frightening to witness but they will not harm your child.

Your child won’t remember the episode in the morning and often won’t recognise you when you try to comfort them during the night terror.

Sometimes night terrors can be triggered by anxiety and worries the child cannot express, so helping your child with their feelings can be effective.

This doesn’t have to be with words as particularly young children don’t have the vocabulary to voice some fears.

A practical way is to use art – drawing faces or having a particular coloured crayon to represent a certain feeling can be very effective.

If you notice a pattern with your child’s night terrors, for example they happen at approximately the same time each night, waking your child beforehand can help break the cycle.

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