How can counselling help me as a parent?

We all have times in our lives when we experience difficulties. These can be related to our relationships with partners or family, life events like birth, death or serious illness, or difficult experiences from our past that make it hard to deal with things in the present.

Sometimes a friend or family member can be a good support during these times. Often it can just be too hard to talk to those around you. This could be because they are directly involved with the difficulty, have different views from you or are also struggling to understand the issue. Sometimes the issue or problem feels too personal for you to feel able to talk to them.

At these times a qualified counsellor can provide professional, confidential support. With their experience, training and skills a PPCS therapist could help you find new resources allowing you to approach your difficulties in a new way, helping you to move forward.

PPCS has over 21 years experience helping people deal with difficult/stressful/traumatic events, relating to pregnancy and the parenting years.


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