The Pregnancy and Parenting Counselling Service (PPCS) offers you the chance to explore areas of your parenting life with the support of an experienced counsellor, helping you to become the parent you want to be, finding new resources to help you move forward as a parent and as a family.

PPCS offers counselling support to parents through every stage of pregnancy, birth and the parenting years. A wide range of concerns covered including:

  • Ante and Post Natal Depression
  • Relationship stress, family dynamics and step-parenting
  • Supporting parents dealing with teenage depression, self-harm or pregnancy
  • Issues concerning bullying and school difficulties
  • Fears and concerns around fatherhood
  • Adjusting to the new baby and sibling rivalry
  • Understanding difficult or traumatic labour
  • Sensitive help with miscarriage, bereavement and childhood disorders

The counselling offered focusses on you and your individual experiences. By working together, you will be supported to find new resources that help you to overcome and understand your difficulties making real change possible.

Jill Wootten Psychotherapist and Counsellor
Jill Wootten

PPCS was founded by Jill Wootten, a Counsellor and Psychotherapist with over 25 years experience specialising in childbirth and parenting issues (including Skype and phone counselling). Alongside many years of working in her own private practice, Jill also has 12 years experience of teaching NCT Ante Natal classes to couples, 12 years experience working in a family focused counselling service, 8 years in a local counselling agency, and is a qualified nurse (RUH trained).

Jill is the founder of The Abbey Practice where her consulting rooms are based. She is also an NHS approved therapist, Nuffield Health approved therapist and an approved therapist for the Miscarriage Association.

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