How does being bullied affect a disabled child?

In addition to the impact listed in the post How does being bullied affect children? a disabled child can have added difficulties.

  1. Depending on your child’s physical ability and social skills they may have less resources or understanding to deal with the situation.
  2. Being bullied may reinforce feelings and thoughts (particularly negative ones) that your child may have about their medical/physical condition.
  3. They may have less understanding about what is happening to them and not recognise they are being bullied

How can you help?

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In addition to those listed in My child is being bullied, how can I help?, you could also consider these:

  1. Children sometimes struggle with difference and bully out of fear and ignorance. So helping the child involved understand through education can help reduce the fear and therefore the bullying. Get your school/teacher involved in this.
  2. Mentoring can help particularly vulnerable children negotiate difficult situations.
  3. Young children and those who are struggling to comprehend can be helped with picture books/drawings and role playing with puppets and toys.


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