How does being bullied affect children?

The problem of your child being bullied is always a difficult subject for parents to think about. While we all hope our children feel happy and secure with and around other children, the reality is that at some point in their childhood most children experience some form of bullying.

So how does this impact on a child?

  1. Many children feel powerless and unsure how to respond to the situation.
  2. Being bullied often impacts your childs self belief and confidence and can set up self esteem issues in the future.
  3. It can affect your childs performance at school and their ability to concentrate or study.
  4. It may lead to future issues around food or the need to control particular situations with teenagers.
  5. It can set up negative impressions around body image and appearance.
  6. In serious cases it can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Your role as the parent can be vital in helping your child to deal with being bullied. Click here to read the post My child is being bullied, how can I help?


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