How can you tell if your child is being bullied at school?

As a parent the thought of your child being bullied can bring up many feelings. It can leave you feeling angry, tearful or helpless and often triggers feelings/memories from your own school days that make it hard to think rather than react.

What can sometimes compound things is the fact that children who are being bullied often won’t say. So how can you tell?

You know your child best of all so can pick up unspoken signs:

  • Anxiety – Your child may develop anxiety about going to school, catching the school bus or going out to play.
  • You may find your child is snappy and bad tempered or tearful and withdrawn.
  • Avoiding certain friendship groups or activities are also signs.
  • Headaches and stomach aches or other possible ailments can often be used to avoid school or the playground.

As a parent, what can you do?

  • Always listen to your child – Talking helps your child feel supported.
  • Contact the school and find out about their bullying policy.
  • Help them to talk to a teacher or classroom support worker.
  • Help your child to draw up a plan of action to help in different situations – This could include catching a different bus or joining a different friendship group.

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